The last two years have gone by incredibly fast and I am happy that I am almost finished with my master’s degree. While enrolled in the M.Ed. in Educational Technology program, I can say that I learned a lot. When I started the program, I always looked at information technology from a technology standpoint and rarely through the end users standpoint. After completing this degree, I realize how essential it is to look at projects from the end user view.

Coming from an IT background, I thoroughly enjoyed the classes that had a stronger emphasis on technology. I thought the technical classes would be much easier; however, Dr. Senn’s EDET 746, Management of Technology Resources, course was probably the hardest and one of the most rewarding courses in the program. Not only was the work much more time consuming but also I learned an extensive amount about Technology Plans and how to create them.

I have created websites for over ten years and I focus primarily on the development side and not on the actual design aspect. Dr. Wissick’s courses especially EDET 735, Technology for Diverse Populations, helped me realize how essential it is for the sites that I develop to be accessible. Over the years, I have developed sites that would not validate but looked fine and worked on existing projects with sloppy code and now I realize that it is crucial that I take precautions from allowing that to happen again. Before, I was always worried if all the images had alt tags, page titles, and good code for search engine optimization but now I realize those are also important from an accessibility standpoint.

Lastly, Dr. Smyth’s EDET 650, Internship in Educational Technology, course helped put everything that I learned about ADDIE into a real life scenario. While working to develop an online course module for the South Carolina Public Health Training Center I learned about real life scenarios that could occur when developing training. For this particular project, it was all the sign offs that had to occur before development and implementation.

Overall, I am very proud of the work that I have completed, which can be found throughout this website and portfolio. The overall experience helped me learn about working better in groups online, learning disabilities, technology plans, and the overall ADDIE process. I believe that my hard work has paid off and I will be proud once I complete this program.