Web 2.0 Tools

Web 2.0 Tool Tugxedo
My name is Daniel and the reason that I created the image to the right is for my Design and Development Tools II course.  To create the image I used Tagxedo which is a Web 2.0 similar to Wordle; however, Tagxedo allows users to generate a specific shape based on some predefined text.  The words that are used more frequently are displayed larger in the image.  This tool would be ideal to emphasize what words are used the most in a particular article or just to present words in a very visually appealing way.
To create the image I went to Tagxedo.com.  From there I selected an article on educational technology on Wikipedia.  After selecting the display options, I pressed submit and the graphic was generated.  The only downfall is that Microsoft Silverlight is required to use this nifty Web 2.0 Tool.