Software Tools Evaluation

Consideration Product 1 Product 2 Product 3 Product 4 Product 5
Name of Software and Type Click N Type
Chrome Extension
OWeb Voice Input
Chrome Extension
Auto Copy
Chrome Extension
Ease of Use : How easy is this tool to use? or would be to train someone to use it? Extremely easy to use.  Setup assistance may be necessary if advanced options must be set. Easy to use.  Easy to use once installed.  Easy to use. Easy to use.
UDL: How could this tool reduce a barrier to learning? Enables user to search the web and use a keyboard. Removes extra styling on webpage to make reading easier for those with visual impairments or cognitive problems (by removing animations). Could help users that are unable to type to easily fill out forms.  Users with cognitive disabilities could use this so the correct information could go in more accurately. Good for people that are visually impaired since the program reads text aloud.  Can also be used for individuals that need to hear things to better comprehend. Can help people copy and paste text and provide a note with each piece of selected text.  This will make it easier for people with memory problems.
Cognitive Load:Refers to whether students could use it independently AFTER being taught or to use with a peer. After initial training and setup users should be able to easily use it. This app could be used independently after setup. Very intuitive so students could use it independently after being taught.  Students should be able to use the product for their specific needs on their own.  If visually impaired this could become a problem so they may need to be paired up with a partner that doesn’t have a disability using this program. User just needs to be able to highlight text so very low cognitive load.
Integration with other programs Integrates into Windows Operating Systems. Integrates with Chrome, Firefox, Apple iPad/iPhone, and android.  Integrates into Google Chrome  Integrates into Internet Explorer, Microsoft Word, Word Perfect, and Open Office Writer. Integrated into Google Chrome
Presentation Default Windows styles that looks archaic. The application is very well presented on multiple platforms.  Very simplistic styling.  Nice interface, a small microphone icon is placed at the right side of an input field.  Standard Windows theme with a basic interface.  Very simplistic presentation.
Options for individuals (types of disabilities/diversity) and how what would you have to do to teach someone with a disability how to use it. Individuals unable to use a physical keyboard.  Once setup, users should be able to control the keyboard with the mouse. Mainly used for those with visual impairments or those having a hard time concentrating.  To teach users simply set up their account, launch the application and help them navigate to a page using the application. This would be useful for users that have problems typing.  To use the application a user needs to click on a microphone icon beside the text box to activate the talk to text.  The best option is to use this for individuals that need to be able to hear text to either comprehend it better or because of visual impairments.  Once installed users just click on the icon in one of the programs the software is integrated into.  Users should be taught how to highlight text with a mouse and paste it using a middle mouse button.  Comments can be input with each piece of copied material
Comments or concerns.  Has many more settings than the default Windows keyboard.  Allows custom alphabet, changing key size, etc.  Great application and the publisher provides other useful web accessibility tools.  Randomly displays advertisements when installed.  Also noticed complaints about the Malware when installed. Has many different speech engines available. Using the program is easier and much more efficiency if the user has a three button mouse.