Review Activity Narrative

The hardest part of this assignment was deciding on the topic and finding images to fulfill all four of the criteria.  The graphic image is on the evaluation slide with the checkboxes, the photograph is the photo of myself on the directed by slide, the screen capture is on the implement slide, and the creative commons image is of the ADDIE model on the title slide.  Since I was not worried about compression most of the images that were used are in the jpg format.

The process for selecting the audio was relatively easy since there are several sites that provide creative common licensed audio.  By searching for background music, I found the selected background audio.  I used Audacity to cut the audio down to the desired length and then faded out the last few seconds so there would be a smooth transition for the voiceover.  All audio stayed in the mp3 format since Audacity was able to read it and iMovie was able to import it easily.

To create the video, I used a template and added the selected images, text and audio.  This process was pretty straightforward; however, I had to go back and add transitions and backgrounds as well as change the default length that each slide showed.  I did use iMovie to record the short narration at the end of the slideshow.  I did not have to worry about the file format for the overall media since I used the option in iMovie to upload it directly to YouTube.